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Autonomous Systems in Military Operations Webinar, 8 Nov 17 Debrief

his is a rough debrief on the Autonomous Systems in Military Operations Webinar/Workshop which took place November 08, 2017. This was held by both the NATO Transformation Command Autonomy Project Team and the NATO Allied Command Transformation's (ACT) Innovation Hub in Norfolk, Virginia. The three hour workshop's goal was to facilitate discussion on how autonomous tech could improve NATOs future capabilities.


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Bryann Alexandros
First Steps to the Innovation Engine

The hyper focus on design thinking idols and listicles can inflate our expectations around innovation and how it's actually accomplished. Leaders will flirt around with a few things they've picked up from an article, but time eventually does its thing. All that torch-bearing enthusiasm fades as the reality of their constraints take hold:

Their organization is grossly unprepared to take it beyond the one-off workshop.

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Bryann Alexandros