Training Pioneers for Bold MIssions


Reduce the time it takes to discover + solve tough problems.

Incremental innovation can no longer help us navigate beyond 2020. But if bold 10x thinking is required, why do competitors still rely on the narrow lens of product/service design briefs and short-term methods to tackle tougher game? Remember Maslow’s Law of the Instrument: If all you’ve known is the hammer, then every problem starts to look like a big nail. They can’t help it.

Discovering the right questions to answer before your rivals do is the new competitive advantage.



Bold Missions & Bold Requirements

If the marketplace is in constant forward motion, then so are the methodologies. Even if you’re not building a rocket, you still need the right tools for the job. Skylance embraces the best of strategic thinking, problem solving, and applied creativity research to help you reach breakthroughs, enhance productivity, and go from zero to one.

disciplined Innovation

Continual innovation is a deliberate process that takes skill, awareness, and practice. Not magic.

art of sensemaking

Innovators are trained to formulate better questions about complex situations. “Ideas in search of problems to solve” is a one-way ticket to mediocrity.

training to perform

The foundation of any creative culture is how well they can “skill up” and solve tougher problems, every day.


If leaders ask for innovation but do not understand the implications for mindset, behaviors, and culture, you will find that creating the innovative enterprise will remain a pipedream.
— Bettina Von Stamm



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Skylance helps reduce the time it takes to discover and solve tough problems. Skylance serves both multi-disciplinary businesses and organizations — including nonprofit, government, military, and defense — who want to make their situations right. Regardless of size or geographic location.. Request a consultation anytime.

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