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Reducing the time it takes to discover + solve tough problems in your industry.

Skylance serves both multi-disciplinary businesses and organizations — including nonprofit, government, military, and defense — who want to reach breakthroughs, enhance productivity, and go from zero to one.


What makes a tough problem?

Anything that holds you back from being more competitive, innovative, and successful in your industry or field.

These situations can turn out to be costly in the long run if you don’t address them right away. Do any of these sound familiar?

  • The root problem was really a symptom

  • there’s a deluge of data, facts, research. but no way to make sense of it all


  • we don’t know an endeavor’s true impact on roi/equity/sales/assets

  • a consulting firm had a solution that didn’t quite hit the mark

  • there’s disagreement and tension on how to move forward for a particular matter

  • We don’t have teams, but committees

  • Strategic goals are just sitting on a shelf

  • We don’t have our own team process or methodology

  • We’re unclear on where we are wasting resources

  • We don’t know if something is just a sales, hr, or r+d problem

  • we pay lip service to innovation but aren’t really doing much

  • we need to expand into new markets (but don’t know where to begin)

  • our Unproductive meetings are costing us

  • We don’t know how to connect “design thinking” and “creativity” to high level strategy

  • We’ve spent six months trying to come up with a solution (but don’t seem to be getting anywhere)

  • We need new ideas


The Skylance Desk

The Skylance Desk is a blog featuring contrarian thinking behind enterprise innovation, applied creativity, and contemporary practitionership.


Innovation is a combination

Using a historical example from the original ADP Skunk Works, we explore the actual ingredients to innovation. Many things about innovation simply do not change.

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Is Lean Startup Dying?

If there was a Hype Cycle for all these methodologies and theories, LS is slipping down that slope right about now. GE was just one “failure outlier” and one of the biggest. Here’s what we really need to think about.

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Design Thinking is Bullsh*t?

It’s an expired argument that shields the real concern. Here’s what we really need to think about.

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You’re not building rockets, but you still need to empower your people with the right tools for the job. Skylance practices “applied creativity at scale” using a hybrid methodology to help you assess, diagnose, and get clear on your situation.


Innovation Process Assessments

These assess the collective creative capacity starting with the individual all the way out to the enterprise as a whole. Variables explored include: cultural values, business models, processes, systems, and resources.

Strategy Diagnosis + Creation

One-time projects that need to make big problems clear and next steps actionable. We help you deploy a collaborative process to tap into the hidden wisdom of your teams.

Innovation Training Level 1, 2+3

For organizations that need to go beyond one-off engagements. This is the first step for onboarding the process, skills, and methods to build the innovation engine.

Teams by Design

Can’t get people to work together? Skylance only uses scientifically valid psychometric instruments to construct creative, cross-disciplinary task forces to operate in the modern world.

Custom Designed Programs

AKA “Special Projects.” Not all organizations are the same. Leaders who don’t have an innovation officer or in-house collaboration training can opt for custom-tailored programs.


The Approach


1. First Call

After completing the form below, we start with an initial call to get a sense of your objectives, the challenges you're facing, what you've tried so far, and if we're the right partners for your innovation journey.

2. Strategy Workshop

If further clarification is required, we proceed with a half day discovery workshop. Based on this session, we'll identify and provide you with a roadmap - a prioritized list of recommendations - to help you move the needle on your objectives.

3. Execution, Learn, Iterate

We can help you roll out recommendations, focusing first on the quick wins as identified earlier. No two organizations are the same so we'll define key metrics of success, document and share the results as we go and optimize accordingly.

Ready to go?

Skylance helps reduce the time it takes to discover and solve tough problems. Skylance serves both multi-disciplinary businesses and organizations — including nonprofit, government, military, and defense — who want to make their situations right. Regardless of size or geographic location, feel free to request a free consultation anytime.

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