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Design the Innovation Engine

Steve Blank says two types of 21st century organizations will emerge: 1. Those who simply hold on to their current innovation for 3-5 years before another crisis hits 2. Those who know how to put themselves out of business every day.

The Skylance mission helps with the second path: Building the innovation engine. I help leaders find their north star and make continual innovation a reality. I use a repertoire of next practices that blends the best of strategic problem solving, design thinking, and neuroscience to help clients move forward.

Skylance serves both multi-disciplinary businesses and organizations — including military and defense — who want to make their situations right. 





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Areas of Next Practices

disciplined Innovation

Continual innovation is a deliberate process that takes skill, awareness, and training.

Organizational design

Today's organizations know they need innovation engines, not just more product/service creation.

Front end of innovation (FEI)

Innovators seek problems and opportunities. We don't assume what the answers "should" be.

applied creativity research

Surfacing real empirical research on teamwork and cognitive diversity is imperative for client awareness. So is "Standing on the shoulder of giants," especially in a noisy consulting marketplace.

cross-disciplinary teamwork

The core foundation of any creative culture is its people and how well they can think together.

Sensemaking > traditional strategic plans

"Sensemaking" was a term popularized by academics like Weick, Dervin, et al. The same innovation skills helps you put sensemaking (and changemaking) into practice.


If leaders ask for innovation but do not understand the implications for mindset, behaviors, and culture, you will find that creating the innovative enterprise will remain a pipedream.
— Bettina Von Stamm


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