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Trainer, Teams Designer, ENFJ. I train agile multidisciplinary teams for business and social changemakers.



Bryann AlexandrosBryann Alexandros

For businesses and organizations who are ready to work with me:

I give lots of free insights away, either through here, the newsletter, and the Facebook page, and through my video channel.

I know that sometimes you need help with something very specific. Blog posts and videos can only cover so much. Luckily, some things can be resolved online in one hour. These virtual sessions are mostly done through Skype.

Review my services. This is to give you a feel for my process and methods. These coaching sessions might be virtual, but I still deploy some of these methods to a certain extent. The outcome is always to give you something practical and custom-tailored.

If you're ready, or need more information on booking a one-on-one session, email me at bryann (at) skylance [dot] org. Or

More complexity involved? Some things just need to go beyond one-hour coaching sessions. Email me with the challenges that you're facing. We'll talk through it and discuss next steps.

Got a question about my products and courses?

Email me at bryann (at) skylance [dot] org

Or click the button below:

Looking to meet with me? (online/offline)

I love connecting with all kinds of people. Just know that I value my time, and yours as well! So, for open-ended inquiries, be as specific as you can about what you're looking for. I may not be the best person, so the best conversations are the ones that have a clear purpose and have expected outcomes that I can deliver on.

Looking for free business/consulting advice?

When it comes to requests for coffee meets and "pick my brain" chats, know that my mind, time, and energy goes towards paid projects, volunteer work (I'm already doing), free advice that I already share publicly online, and the free stuff that I give exclusively when you subscribe to my VIP list. That's a lot of "free" to give. If you want more free advice, a net-net/win-win outcome is to suggest a topic I can write about that would help others, too.

That way, everyone wins. And everyone gets it for free. ;)

If you want to know me more for a paid project, review my services and be clear that you actually have a budget. I'll be happy to set up a 1-on-1 to see where I might assist.

Looking to connect because we're kindred spirits?

Think I'm a like-minded spirit? Believe that we're passionate about mutual interests? Exploring opportunities to collaborate together? What outcome do you hope to achieve? I value connections like these for the simple reason of linking up with fresh bright minds.

Ready to make contact?

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