My Name is Bryann and I'm a founding partner of Skylance.

It was clear from Day 1 that I needed to treat strategic design practice with the mindset of an athlete and entrepreneur.

The marketplace is rough, cutthroat, and moves at an unforgiving pace. It wasn't just businesses and nonprofits that had to respond, but I knew strategic planning practitioners also had to respond.

I started off with nonprofit work. When it came to the question of how they might tackle big societal challenges, armies of consultants weighed in with their ideas, but most were using the same worn out platitudes. The same politically correct go-to change management option remained the same: strategic planning.

But I still heard horror stories like: The $20,000 strategic plan that never got implemented.

I'm an avid devotee of creativity, design thinking, creative problem solving, and the science of behavior change. Because of this, I serve both businesses and organizations looking to make their situations right. I'm also aware that I can't do this work alone, I'm also coaching or learning from other practitioners about looming changes on the horizon.

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