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Forget the SWOT Analysis: Reasons and Alternatives

The SWOT analysis — or Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats — is one of those darling strategic planning tools that people still cling to. There was also a great article at Nonprofit Hub titled Why Most SWOT Analyses Stink that speaks of the dangers of a SWOT chart if done incorrectly. I want to go up one level here. I remembe…

Bryann AlexandrosBryann Alexandros

Lean Nonprofit Strategy

Applying lean startup principles to nonprofit strategy — Is that a thing yet? Because it should be. I observed a recent discussion that asked about keeping strategic plans alive. These conversations dry up fast. I mean, another topic on nonprofit strategic planning? But the language was succinct and clear. Well, most of it. No one explici…

Bryann AlexandrosBryann Alexandros

The Smokescreens of Nonprofit Innovation

Disruption can be scandalous. Bruised and defensive egos. Fear of uncertainty and the unknown. But if you can pull through, the changes can be fulfilling. As I reminisce about the themes from the last few months, it got me thinking about the prerequisites for, ahem, innovation. For organizations facing apathy, can disruption be the antido…

Bryann AlexandrosBryann Alexandros

How to Sense BS in any Strategic Plan

If there was one cause 21st century changemakers must stand for, it's bullshit-free strategy. In a recent discussion, someone had asked about the tools and methodologies used to create a strategic plan. Anyway, I always find these strategic planning discussions a little startling. It's usually really easy to categorize the typical respon…

Bryann AlexandrosBryann Alexandros

Rethinking Nonprofit Strategy Part 1: Cross-disciplinary Teams

Why does collaboration and strategy fail for lots of nonprofits? I've been slowly unraveling clues to these neverending questions for a while. Especially in discussion groups. It couldn't just be about "the strategic plan," could it? Everyday group dynamics, innovation skill building, designing new processes: Were these not at least some…

Bryann AlexandrosBryann Alexandros