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Need to get different tribes to work together? Just need a one-time facilitation? Leaders can select from a wide scope of options to make their strategic problems clear and actionable, including one-time sessions and full training programs. 


By the Project

For those needing help on a specific task, objective, or smaller scale projects.


Strategy by Design

For teams that need a strategic plan or a one-time facilitation to make BIG problems clear and their NEXT STEPS actionable.

Strategy by Design takes your team from problem exploration to action plan using a hybrid methodology rooted in strategic thinking and creative problem solving. Making all data tangible and visual is the key to solving complex problems with speed, creativity, and confidence. The same skills and processes used for the front end of innovation and "building the engine" are applied.

You might go for this if:

+ You're tired of unproductive meetings

+ Your strategic plan needs a refresh

+ You need to connect “Design Thinking” and “Creativity” to high level strategy

+ You’re reviewing your current strategy

+ There’s no clear vision of the future

+ You think strategy is too hard or mysterious to do


Teams by Design

Skylance only uses scientifically valid psychometric instruments to construct creative, cross-disciplinary task forces.



The CPSP (Creative Problem Solving Profile) is a visual team building tool designed by Min Basadur, Ph. D. It’s an evolving, proven, research-based instrument developed from fundamental theory and empirical data from a large sample of people working in a broad cross-section of organizations. Its aim is to describe how individuals solve problems, not to evaluate problem solving ability.

This is not a personality test. There’s growing research that heterogeneous, cognitively diverse teams outperform homogeneous ones during collaborative work. The profile helps people capitalize on that insight by helping team members empathize and respect everyone’s creative strengths.


Aerospace Managers Example:

First, individual profiles are constructed. Second, the profiles are combined into a collective scatter diagram. The final result shows the team’s “innovation DNA” and shows strengths and weaknesses to work on.

This team will excel in their execution and optimization skills. However, they will need to extend extra effort in ideation and conceptualization skills for inventing new products, services, and options.

Bottom line? A team equipped with this visual can decide how they might recalibrate to do even better. It may even signal deeper collaboration problems within the organization that have yet to be uncovered and acknowledged.



Hacking the Innovation Arsenal

Lean Startup, Design Sprints, Design Thinking, Lean Six Sigma, and all the remixes and variations — The truth is that no one true innovation strategy exists. Period.

Look at what happened to GE.

In these educational workshops, you are briefed on the current state of innovation practices, and why these innovation methodologies and philosophies have high failure rates, end up short-lived, and get prematurely shelved. And it’s not for the reasons you hear from gurus, pundits, and tech news outlets.

Hacking the Arsenal is intended for those already operating and practicing. These advanced workshops are experiential where leaders can visually decide where they should deploy most of their efforts. They involve going under the hood, reverse engineering most popular philosophies and methodologies, and taking a good hard look at the reasons for their misapplication.

More information to come.


Building the Innovation Engine starts here.

This is the main Zero-to-One program to help pioneers and inventors build innovative enterprises.


Lvl 1: Exploring the language of innovation

For the leader who needs their team to experience the process and skills to co-create, innovate, and reach breakthroughs. If you don't have an innovation officer or structured process, this might be for you.

This (re)awakening experience shows how innovation is a continual and disciplined process. Participants learn about individual and group skills to make it happen. They're immersed into the science of creative problem solving and learn about their own individual styles.

This is a one-day learning-by-doing workshop. The process, skills, and tools do not “belong” to any one department or discipline. It shows how diverse teams can sync their creativity and solve any challenge together.


Lvl 2+3: Leading Multi-disciplinary Innovation

(Pre-requisite: LVL 1)

For the leader who needs their team to continually innovate, compete, or reach a breakthrough.

Two types of 21st century organizations will emerge:

+ Those who simply hold on to their current innovation for 3-5 years before panicking

+ Those who know how to put themselves out of business every day

LVLs 2+3 widens understanding of the innovation process. They will better sync up their problem solving skills with teams. There’s more emphasis on discovering opportunities for new/improved products, processes, teamwork, and executing breakthroughs to real challenges. Cross-functional teams work better together and their productivity is enhanced. "Active facilitation" is a huge part of this endeavor.

This is taught over a 3-day period to maximize everything you’ve learned.

All objectives

Here are the lessons you might appreciate no matter which option you take:


All training venues

Ideal size for training is 10-15 people. Environments are chosen based on how conducive they are for creativity and learning. We can also work together to locate a suitable space (either on-site or off-site). If you're in the vicinity of the Downtown Norfolk area, The Hilton MAIN is a good spot:



Frequently Asked Questions, briefly answered.


Q. Do you do Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Design Sprints or whatever innovation flavor?

My innovation process is certainly different, but I don’t adhere exclusively to a specific philosophy. Being a frontline operator in today’s consulting world requires flexibility and awareness of these critical nuances, not necessarily a specialization in any of them. To understand my reasoning, read this and this to get a better idea of the Skylance umbrella philosophy and the reason why context is actually more important than using a specific flavor. This is also one of the main points taught in the Hacking the Innovation Arsenal workshop series.

The ultimate constant is the team that collaborates every day on tough mission-critical work. The world faces countless challenges which go beyond product, service, app creation. Since the scope of innovation today has expanded, the toolsets and methodologies must “scale up” as well. There is still a logical and common sense training pipeline that all clients experience, but only if they opt for that program.

Everything else is secondary. If you explicitly need product, service, or app design services, you’ll be referred to specialists who are skilled in those domains.

Q. Do you offer a discount for nonprofits?

Yes, but on a case-by-case basis.

Q. Can you travel to my location to perform the work?

Yes. I’m available to travel within North America and outside. Contact me for a quote.

Q. I have a general question not answered here.

Any general questions not answered, just shoot an email to

Q. Can we schedule a call to discuss a potential collaboration?

I appreciate people reaching out to me. I’m sure you’re doing great work. However, I have to judge each proposition by merit. My current time, energy, and focus is reserved for 1. paid projects with budgets already allocated, 2. Subcontracting ops, and 3. Teaming ops.

If you still want to reach out, email and clearly describe the project, why you’re reaching out, and why you believe I can help. That way, even if I can’t, I can generate some ideas beforehand and offer tips based on your situation.

Q. Can you help me on a project?

Similar to the last question, I’ll do my best to send you some advice, tips, and suggestions. Follow me on various social media channels and start a conversation there! However, before contacting, please understand that I’m a full-time practitioner and most of the time, energy, and focus is reserved for projects with budgets and teaming ops.

Q. Can you share any resources on a particular topic?

There’s plenty of free stuff on the blog, the VIP newsletter, and on various social media channels. Holler at me on social, or shoot an email for anything that isn’t covered!

Q. Where can I send you an RFI, RFP, etc?

Same place. Shoot an email to


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The Skylance mission is to make collaboration real and tangible so that it can be experienced by all participants. Good news is that these skills are teachable, approachable, and inclusive. Skylance works with multi-disciplinary businesses and organizations who are authentic in their ambitions to really innovate and do great work.

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