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Leaders can choose from a wide scope of options to make their strategic problems clear and actionable, including one-time sessions and full training programs. 


Exploring Visual Thinking

For the leader who already has a targeted challenge or a specific issue to tackle.

Making data tangible and visual is the key to solving complex problems with speed, creativity, and confidence. Visuals are the common language for telling the real story of your situation. I use a remix of methodologies from design, strategic thinking, and creative problem solving.

Here's a sample of a la carte services offered:

Design Sprints (Rapid Prototyping)

Business Model Design

Strategic Planning

Strategic "Deep Dives”


Lvl 1: Exploring the language of Innovation

For the leader who needs their team to experience the process and skills to co-create, innovate, and reach breakthroughs. If you don't have an innovation officer or structured process, this might be for you.

This (re)awakening experience shows how innovation is a continual and disciplined process. Participants learn about individual and group skills to make it happen. They're immersed into the art and science of creative problem solving and learn about their own individual styles.

This is a one-day learning-by-doing workshop. The process, skills, and tools do not “belong” to any one department or discipline. It shows how diverse teams can sync their creativity and solve challenges together.


Lvl 2+3: Leading Multi-disciplinary Innovation

(Pre-requisite: LVL 1)

For the leader who needs their team to continually innovate, compete, or reach a breakthrough.

Steve Blank says there will be two types of 21st century organizations:

+ Those who simply hold on to their current innovation for 3-5 years before panicking

+ Those who can try to put themselves out of business every day

LVLs 2+3 widens understanding of the innovation process. They will better sync up their problem solving skills with teams. There’s more emphasis on discovering opportunities for new/improved products, processes, teamwork, and executing breakthroughs to real challenges. Cross-functional teams work better together and their productivity is enhanced. Participants will be taught "active facilitation."

This is taught over a 3-day period to maximize everything you’ve learned.

All objectives


All training venues

Ideal size for training is 10-15 people. Environments are chosen based on how conducive they are for creativity and learning. We can also work together to locate a suitable space (either on-site or off-site). If you're in the vicinity of the Downtown Norfolk area, The Hilton MAIN is a good spot:



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The Skylance mission is to make collaboration real and tangible so that it can be experienced by all participants. Good news is that these skills are teachable, approachable, and inclusive. Skylance works with multi-disciplinary businesses and organizations who are authentic in their ambitions to really innovate and do great work.

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