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Two types of 21st century organizations will emerge: 1. Those who simply hold on to their current innovation for 3-5 years before another crisis hits 2. Those who know how to put themselves out of business every day.

The Skylance mission focuses on the second path: Building the innovation engine by blending the best of strategic problem solving, creativity, and neuroscience to help clients move forward.

Skylance serves both multi-disciplinary businesses and organizations — including nonprofit, government, military, and defense — who want to make their situations right. Regardless of your size or geographic location, feel free to get in touch.





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Next Practices

Here are some of the pillars driving the Skylance practice of facilitation and strategic thinking.

disciplined Innovation

Continual innovation is a deliberate process that takes skill, awareness, and practice. Not magic.

expanding scope of innovation

Today's organizations know that people are the link to creating innovation engines. You now face challenges that go beyond the scope of just making products, services, and apps

art of sensemaking

Innovators are trained to formulate better questions about complex situations. “Ideas in search of problems to solve” is a one-way ticket to mediocrity.

applied creativity research

Surfacing real empirical research on creative teamwork and cognitive diversity is imperative.

training to perform

The foundation of any creative culture is how well they can “skill up” and solve tougher problems, every day.

visual thinking

Creating common visuals for common ground is essential for making sense of complex situations in less time.


If leaders ask for innovation but do not understand the implications for mindset, behaviors, and culture, you will find that creating the innovative enterprise will remain a pipedream.
— Bettina Von Stamm



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The Skylance mission is to make collaboration real and tangible so that it can be experienced by all participants. Good news is that these skills are teachable, approachable, and inclusive. Skylance works with multi-disciplinary businesses and organizations who are authentic in their ambitions to really innovate and do great work. Request a consultation anytime.