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Constellation Mapping


Constellation Mapping is a method that visually reconstructs complex situations into a logical hierarchy of questions. This shows participants — often for the first time — the interconnectedness of all their challenges, ranging from broad to tactical.


Beyond 5Ws

Constellation Maps are used to expand the "problem space" of a mission, task, or project.

Constellation Mapping works for real-time strategic issues or future emergent situations. It can be a positive addition to your existing process and methods. It awakens us to the true context of the situation and helps realign everyone on the right questions and the right course of action.  

We explore the startling possibility that you may only have a glimpse of the challenges at hand. It's not uncommon to find teams burning up resources on poorly-defined problems or challenge statements. What sets Constellation Mapping apart from product, service, and experience design "framing techniques" is its open-ended nature.

This is an experiential one-day session. Contact for more information on setting up this workshop on-site.


  • Check hidden assumptions
  • Kick off a new strategy
  • Clarify the focus of a new product/service/app
  • Create new understanding
  • Frame shared intelligence
  • Clear information bottlenecks
  • Reduce the number of meetings

Who might deploy it:

  • Entrepreneurial teams
  • Military units
  • Science labs
  • Accelerator labs
  • Internal teams
  • Multidisciplinary organizations

Expected Total Time Frame: 2 hours

Venue: Negotiable