Changes to the Nonprofit Business Model Canvas


Today, I'm introducing a few proposed changes to the nonprofit business model canvas based on some feedback and justifications. (note: if you got the canvas after Sep 24, you already have the new version.)


Change 1:

“Investors” will be removed. Donors and Philanthropists will be located in both the Key Partners and Stakeholders section.

No idea why Investors was left in there. From now on, you’ll find both donors and philanthropists on both sides. You’re attracting donors to your cause, even though sometimes they’re not necessarily creating “the work” with you. But once you’ve convinced them of your cause, they may become regular “Key Partners” of your organization, helping finance the Operations side of things.


Change 2:

Co-Creators will be renamed Stakeholders.

Although this was originally a suggestion for the German version (because “co-creator” couldn’t translate exactly to the German side), this also began to make more sense on the English side. I believe it's best to keep the language as common and universal and rename it Stakeholders. Over time, Stakeholders has made more sense than "co-creators."


Change 3:

Outcome Streams will be renamed Value Capture.

I'm renaming this “Value Capture.” A co-working colleague and nonprofit ED pointed out the tricky semantics with "income" and "outcome" and the fact that there's financial outcomes and non-financial outcomes. Financial outcomes can = “income.” See the weird semantics issue?

Additionally, the sub-categories will be renamed "Financial Measures" and "Non-financial Measures." What measures and KPIs matter most to you? Remember the defaults here are non-exhaustive and are just examples. Nonprofits measure their progress in various different ways; some metrics are important, some less so.

Again, my goal is to always keep the language simple so that it's concrete but flexible enough if you need to tweak things.

If you are on the Nonprofit BMC list, you will get a link to download the link soon. All the lessons from this video still apply.

If you are not on the list, get on there today and the link will be in the welcome email.


As of this writing, I need help with finishing up Portuguese and Spanish translations. If you think you can contribute, comment below.


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