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Design Research Integration

Discover why nonprofits should use design thinking research tools and methods to better understand their problems and customers.

Rethinking Nonprofit Strategy Part 1: Cross-disciplinary Teams

Why does collaboration and strategy fail for lots of nonprofits? I've been slowly unraveling clues to these neverending questions for a while. Especially in discussion groups. It couldn't just be about "the strategic plan," could it? Everyday group dynamics, innovation skill building, designing new processes: Were these not at least some…

Bryann AlexandrosBryann Alexandros

What Books Must Design-Inspired Nonprofit Leaders Read?

I love reading up on new insights and methods especially if it's going to advance the way we do things in the field. But one challenge of adaptive learning is making sense of what to read and why. See, there's lots of books on culture building, creativity, innovation, process design, design thinking, and strategy, and while the subject ma…

Bryann AlexandrosBryann Alexandros

5 Reasons Nonprofits Must Use the Value Proposition Canvas to Test Assumptions

One of the greatest risks anyone can make is to design initiatives based on "common sense" and other untested assumptions. Since programs and services in the social sector can endure long cycle times before results can even be evaluated, testing assumptions first becomes a crucial part of lean thinking. It helps us see which of our effort…

Bryann AlexandrosBryann Alexandros