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Trainer, Teams Designer, ENFJ. I train agile multidisciplinary teams for business and social changemakers.



Bryann AlexandrosBryann Alexandros

Strategic Co-Creation

People reach out to me because:

My motto is "Strategic thinking in the year and world we actually live in."

At, there are three major pillars that make up that foundation:

  1. Strategy is inherently a creative act.
  2. Visual thinking is the key to empathy, understanding, and strong strategy.
  3. People prosper with the strategies they help to build.

Send me a message and let me know how I can help!

Want to see how I put those pillars to practice? Explore my repertoire in full below:

1. Creativity and Innovation Style Assessments

Teams by design. Teams that can perform.

1. Creativity and Innovation Style Assessment

I am certified to deploy the Basadur Creative Problem Solving Profile.

The Basadur Creative Problem Solving Profile was invented by Min Basadur, Ph.D in 1982 and continues to evolve today as a scientifically valid, cross-cultural psychometric instrument directly linked to the cognitive demands of the Creative Problem Solving Process. It immerses new participants into real-world problem solving capability.

The CPSP describes how you solve problems. It doesn't evaluate problem solving ability. States, not traits. Some people shine in finding new ideas; some like to create concepts for those projects; others may prefer to turn ideas into optimal solutions; some would rather execute those ideas. The list goes on and the CPSP helps identify those strengths.

The profile's research shows:

Armed with that knowledge, strong balanced teams are created which can tackle a variety of tasks like problem-finding, idea generation, challenge mapping, and reframing.

Experiencing the CPSP can help you:

For businesses and nonprofits, it can further help you:

The CPSP has been continuously improved, assessed, and evolved since its first inception. If you'd like more recent research abstracts, contact me.

2. Strategic Co-Creation

Fresh perspectives forward.

2. Strategic Co-Creation

Got some tough challenges to sort? Need some new ideas? Trying to connect strategy with an action plan?

I deploy an 8 step holistic strategy process called the Basadur methodalso scientifically validated — to help people grapple with messy challenges that need:

Forget SWOT analyses and SOAR charts. Let's go with strategy in the year and world that we live in today: Strategic thinking that's biased towards action, creativity, and calculated risk. This process uses robust techniques like challenge finding and challenge mapping to put you in a position to act.

Each step is a balance of divergence and convergence where we discuss ideas, facts, and opportunities before moving forward. Action planning is the last step. We translate insights into concrete to-dos (like who does what, where, and when).

I can help you unpack potential hidden opportunities on a real business problem that you have. This can be related to a program, product, service, or a broader project like business models or an old strategic plan.

(Pairing this with the CPSP is optional, but highly recommended.)

2x. Strategic Plan Refresh

Audit your current strategies

2x. Strategic Plan Refresh

The $20,000 strategic plan that never got implemented.

Was this you? I know that you might already have a strategic plan in play, but maybe some aspects of it have come under scrutiny OR you've run into snags and bottlenecks.

A refresh is where I facilitate and guide navigation towards better questions. I also use the Basadur method to help you discover what went wrong. This is good especially if an old strategic plan needs dusting, revival, exorcising, or a complete overhaul.

Using the same repertoire, I can assist you in making sense of those.

3. Downloadable courses

With all the oo-rah on VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity) and 21st century whatevers, the best upper-hand you can have is the ability to discern signal from noise. To actually know what's being talked about.

Have you ever read those nonprofit strategy books where still have no idea what they're talking about?

You're not looking for dumbed down answers, but does one really need encyclopedic detail to nail down what they're really trying to say? I think not. And how often can they update their book? By the time you execute on one or two insights, the landscape around you has shifted again.

I aim to teach, unravel, expose, and ultimately save you time — to keep you at the bleeding-edge of things. But I know that sometimes you need to go at your own pace.

The basic premise behind everything I teach (and love) can be found in the downloadable courses I've created and continue to create. Head over to the store and get the upper hand.

4. Custom

Custom-tailored workshops and courses

4. Custom

Other things we can try together:

Any of these sound good? Message me here.