In September, 3M released their new Post-it Plus app which lets you capture physical post-its onto a mobile device.

With notes in digital form, they can still be rotated, reorganized, grouped into different boards, or exported into various formats and shared across your team. The only downside is that you can't create new notes within the app yet, but that's OK.

What the new app does beautifully is extend collaboration without interuppting work flow too much.

Usually, when an ideation (which necessarily != traditional brainstorming) session adjourns, chances are that the same group would have to reconvene another time. One would remove the notes and store them elsewhere. The rest of the group would simply take a static snapshot, stash it in Evernote, and that was the end of it.

You could use Evernote's OCR feature to search text within images, or just organize the photos with tags, but sometimes people still need to step back and observe the big picture with all the notes in one place, and to reorganize and make new connections quickly.

That's because, depending on the context or tool we're using (affinity maps, 2x2 grids, storyboards, et al.), I still encourage others to do homework during the downtime: do more observation, do more research and fact-checking, and gather more inspiration, while being able to return to the data, manipulate the notes, simmer in their own thought processes, ask their own questions, make their own connections, and diverge on even more ideas.

So there you have it. Check out the new Post-it Plus app and make good use of it!

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