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Trainer, Teams Designer, ENFJ. I train agile multidisciplinary teams for business and social changemakers.


How to Execute Faster on Social Media in 2017?

Bryann AlexandrosBryann Alexandros

I hope your last few months have been productive!

If you've downloaded any of the tools like the Nonprofit Business Model Canvas, thank you. Continue to send me your thoughts and feedback!

Holidays are always busy, aren't they? Things have very busy (and exciting!) on my end. I know I haven't sent too many updates.

But here's what's going on:

While I have been working on a few projects behind the scenes related to Skylance, Next Nonprofit, and the Nonprofit Business Model Canvas.

I'm releasing a bonus project January 15, 2017 that's aimed to help fellow consultants and practitioners on the business side of things.

While "business building" is not the main focus of, I've had lots of people ask me how I'm doing what I do especially on social media platforms.

It's hard to not share what I know, especially If it'll help others.

I've met talented nonprofit decision makers because of my social media posts, as well as fellow practitioners who work in higher education, management consulting, and other business owners.

People like you. So for that, I'm incredibly grateful. Not just for your attention, or for test-driving one of the tools, but for the feedback. You have no idea how much it helps others too.

But one of the biggest questions I get is: "How do you find the time and energy to publish every day?"

Because when you are running an organization, a business, or even just being a solo consultant, social media isn't optional.

We're all trying to do great work. And it's the perfect place to teach, educate, and show people that we care, as well as to grow and earn business at scale.

Social media is never going away, the barriers to entry are nearly zero, and most content and tasks can be achieved with just the smartphone.

But you have to stay smart and diligent with your energy.

So, the AHA moment? We all have a smartphone, the apps, and the platforms, but despite the great work and wisdom we have to impart, we don't get the traction we're looking for.

I'm launching a course that aims to reverse that.

How do you know if this is for you?

I've aimed to make this available to nonprofit consultants, freelancers, management consultants - anyone who is attempting to sell more of their stuff and services.

Keep this question in mind for social media in 2017:

A preview plus a complete breakdown of the course is below.

Comment below with any questions or feedback you might have.

Get Lean Social Media 2017

Trainer, Teams Designer, ENFJ. I train agile multidisciplinary teams for business and social changemakers.