Hey friends of Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and the general Hampton Roads area.

On June 14th, I'm running a workshop called "Design Your Business Model on One Page." The location will be at the 1701 Coworking Space, just blocks from the Atlantic ocean.

Get your tickets here. 1701 members get a discount! If you are a member, DM me on the socials or check the private Facebook group.

Why should you come? If you need to go beyond generic planning tools, and a clear visual of how your business works, this is for you. The Business Model Canvas is often described as a one-page business plan. It consists of nine components that make up the basic building blocks of any business.

No matter what stage of the business you are in, the Canvas is a helpful problem solving tool.

In this workshop, you’ll learn:

  • How to fill the Canvas
  • Where your time, money, and energy is really going (and your blind spots)
  • What to fix, keep, improve, or transform in your business model
  • Other essential tools/tactics, either hidden or not found, in the original book

The Canvas isn’t just for techies: it’s perfect for startups, current business owners, corporate innovators, students, and consultants. It’s also for anyone looking to see how design thinking tools can be applied to real-world strategic problems.

Drawing skills not required. The Canvas is a bit like an open-source tool, so other people can use it in their consulting endeavors. I've used it as a base to create the Nonprofit Business Model Canvas.

See you soon. Get your tickets here.

(update) You can also get the virtual version if you're not local:

Buy the virtual version!